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1980        Establishment of Hanyang Engineering  Co., Ltd.

              Obtain approval mark ‘KS’ certification from the Korean Industrial Standards 

1991        Obtain approval mark ‘KS’ certification for Single lever  of warm and cold mixing faucet 2 items


1995        Obtain approval mark ‘KS’ for Standing hand shower  faucet 2 items

              Obtain approval mark ‘KS’ for  KSB 1534 Sanitary ceramic bowl and related accessary parts 



1999        Acquired  ISO 9002’ certification  form  Korean Foundation for Quality



2003        Established factory subsidiary branch office in China (Kaiping of Guangdong)

               Contracted for the supply of  OEM production’ with KCC company in Korea

2006        Contracted for the supply of  OEM product with ‘M&Z’ company  of Italy

               Supply to ‘Construction market department’ of United Kingdom through ‘M&Z’ company

               Starting  production  for Flush cleansing valve based on ‘KS B 2369’ certification

               Obtain  certification  ‘KS B 2331’ for water faucet 



2007        Obtain certification ‘KS B 1534’  for accessary items related to Sanitary ceramic bowl

               Obtain certification  ‘KS B 2639’  for  Flush valve  

2009        Development New product ‘ GF(Glass Fiber) faucet’ and acquired  Patent of China 

              Contracted for the supply of  OEM production with ‘IS DONGSEO’ ceramic sanitary company in Korea

              Supply  to  Sanitary company of Turkey 



2010        Acquired  ISO 9001’ certification  in China Hanyang factory



2011        Launched  New GF-20 water faucet for exporting to Korea (25,000 PCS/ mon.)

               Contracted  for production with Daelim B&CO through CAMTECH sole agent in Korea
               Launched  Sanitary company ‘Son Hwang’ of Vietnam 

2014        Construction for expanding new plant site



2015        Acquired Invention patent for GF(Glass Fiber) faucet in South Korea

              Movement to new plant site (size 20,000 M2)

              Acquired ‘JIS’ certification & ‘Patent ‘ of Japan related to New  product

              1st  Factory Audit from ‘PANASONIC’ of Japan 



2016        Revised  limited material content related to the faucet material in KS(Korea Standard) regulation

               Acquired  ‘Patent’ of US for New GF faucet product

               2nd Factory Audit from ‘PANASONIC’ of Japan



2017        Cooperation Contract for launching  India market with ‘U-Comfort’ (Universal Enterprise) of INDIA

               Introduction to India Distributors attending ‘ACE TECH exhibition’ of MUBAI of INDIA 2017.



2018        Launched on ‘E-mart’ large Retailer Store in Korea ‘